Curbside Pickup FAQs



How do I place an order? 

  1. Send an email to PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Send your grocery list in the body of the email. Also, please let us know if you’d like us to make a substitution if we don’t have an item you requested, or if substitutions are not acceptable at all.
  2. When we get ready to gather your order, we’ll call you for a credit card number.
  3. We will call you a second time to arrange a pickup time. Given our lack of storage space, it’s extremely helpful when orders are picked up as quickly as possible. We really appreciate your ability to do so!

How do I know what is available? 

We’ve created photo galleries of our inventory (keep in mind, these are representations of what we have and may not represent the exact inventory we have on hand when you place your order):

Our most recent photos and updates will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. In general, send us as much information as you can about what you’re looking for and we will do our best. 

What if something I’m looking for is out of stock? 

We may be able to substitute another similar product if you’re flexible – again, please let us know if you’re okay with substitutions. If you do not wish to receive substitutions, please let us know that too. We may not have time to call you while filling your order, so it helps a lot if you let us know in the email!

How long will it take to fill my order?  

We process orders in the same order they are received. Turnaround time varies by the volume of orders in our queue, but it is generally 12-48 hours. We are unable to skip orders ahead in the queue. Your patience is appreciated! Keep in mind that we are currently closed most of the day on Saturday, and all day Sunday.


Given the current climate with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of any items at all. We know that this poses an inconvenience and may be disappointing if you receive an item that was not exactly what you had intended, but please do know that we are doing our absolute best.

We are also unable to accept returns of Smiling Hill milk bottles at this time.