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Bath Natural Market has assembled the largest selection of wines made with organic grapes in Maine.  The market gradually added labels as demand increased and continues to add to their offerings.

 BATH, Maine August 2, 2006-- Bath Natural Market, a Mid-Coast Maine natural products store, has assembled the largest assortment of wines made with organic grapes wines available within the state.  Its selection of more than seventy labels covers the majority of organics available through Maine distributors.  The wines originate from various countries including Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, and Spain.  They also feature domestic organics from California and Washington.  The assortment includes the usual red and white varietals as well as specialty wines such as champagne, prosecco, and port.  Price range from $6.99 to $31.99 per bottle.

 “Bath Natural Market has one of the largest selections of organic wines I’ve seen anywhere,” said Paul Chartrand, President of Chartrand (Organic) Imports based in Rockland.  “Not only is it a large selection, but all of the wines are clearly documented as being made from organic grapes.”

Bath Natural Market customers prefer organic wines for several reasons, explained Mark Schoninger, owner of Bath Natural Market.  "Customers cite the detrimental health effects of pesticides as their No. 1 reason for drinking organic wines," he said.

A small but growing number of Bath Natural Market customers are appreciative of organic wine’s heritage.  Prior to the twentieth century, all grapes and wines were organic due to historical growing methods and the absence of chemical pesticides. 

Paul Dolan, a Fetzer Vineyards executive, believes these organic wine trends.  "There is going to be a competitive advantage because the market is going to demand healthier products," said Dolan.

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